6 - 18 John St, East Maitland NSW 2323
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Current COVID restrictions

If there are current COVID restrictions requiring social distancing in place, issued by authorities, we currently can allow 2 players maximum per cell. If you are a group of 3, the third player will be locked up in their own cell - but you can still work together to solve the clues!

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, you must be an adult to participate in this experience. We can make exception for those aged 16+ but they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions. This is a legal requirement. We recommend you bring ID with you for proof of age. We look forward to introducing an exciting activity for younger participants in the coming months. Sign up to our Facebook page to keep up to date!

What if I want to bring a large group?

We can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 participants at one time due to COVID-19 restrictions, and we divide the group into pairs (or three per cell for odd numbers). We currently have 10 cells operational and all contain the same setup including the furniture and elements comprising the game. Everyone will enjoy the same experience.

Can we stay on after the event to celebrate a special occasion?

No. Due to the nature of the facility and other activities taking place there is simply no place to accomodate a celebration on-site. However, East Maitland has wonderful restaurants, pubs and other family gathering places in close proximity.

When can I play?

Our available start times for your escape room experience are 4:00pm Monday - Thursday, either 5:00pm or 6:30pm Friday - Saturday, and 4:00pm Sunday. View our online calendar for availability or call us to discuss your requirements on 1300 661 565.

Are there toilets available?

Yes, public toilets are available. Please use the amenities upon arrival as you cannot exit the game for this purpose.

What if it's raining?

We do go ahead. Certain aspects of the experience include walking outside through the prison. Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions. We will call or text you (the organiser) if there is some unforeseen circumstance to prevent us from operating. We will give you at least 2 hours notice out from your start time, otherwise please assume we will be expecting you.

Can I look around after the event?

The Maitland Gaol Tourism Office offer guided and self guided tours of the entire facility. The tours include history tours, ex-warden tours and the ever popular ghost and psychic tours. You are welcome to call the Maitland Gaol office to arrange one of these popular experiences but we ask that while you are with us that you do not venture off to explore afterwards. Click here to visit the Maitland Gaol website.

Is there wheelchair access?

While the venue can accomodate a wheelchair, the cell doors for the actual experience are too narrow for a chair. Please contact us to discuss your requirements prior to making a booking.

Can bystanders watch?

We cannot accomodate bystanders or spectators. The only entrants allowed in to the venue will be the participants booked for the session.

Do we get a photo?

We endeavour to take a photo(s) of you and your group at the beginning of the experience...right when we slap on the handcuffs! We'll post them on our Facebook page for you to share.


How should I dress?

Wear casual and comfortable clothing. We have orange jumpsuits available for your use when you get locked up!

What should I bring?

Bring your ID as you may be asked to provide proof of age. You can bring in one small bottled water. You will not be allowed to take a phone or a camera into the room with you. We do have small lockers available for your use. These compartments can store a handbag, wallet and phone. You will be allocated a key for the security of the locker but we can not and will not take any responsibility for your belongings. THERE IS NO ALCOHOL NOR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES PERMITTED ON-SITE. THIS IS STRICTLY A NO SMOKING FACILITY.

Can I bring food and drinks?

There is no food or drinks allowed on-site except for one small bottled water per person.

Can we drink alcohol prior to arrival?

No. The event is alcohol free (.00 BAC).
Any person suspected of consuming alcohol (or intoxicated in any way) will be refused entry and all monies paid will be forfeit.


Do I need a reservation?

Yes, the experience is by online booking only. The days and times are strictly controlled due to other activities on-site. Click here to book.

How do I pay?

All our reservations and payment facilities are handled online.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel using the link in your confirmation email or by contacting us directly. Cancellations must be made 1 week prior to your scheduled event date to receive a full refund, otherwise we do not offer refunds.

What if I arrive late?

We will attempt to contact you. The experience is based on a tight time schedule and like any event, the ‘show goes on’ with or without you. If you are late and the briefing has started we will not be able to accommodate you. Your booking is forfeit and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Do I need to complete a liability waiver?

Yes. This is an industry standard for our type of activity. Please read and understand all of our terms and conditions carefully before you accept.
You can also download the waiver here to fill out and bring with you on the day. There are also forms onsite that you can fill out on arrival.  You must be 18+ to be able to participate in this experience. 16+ can play but only if a parent or legal guardian are also participating alongside them.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, vouchers are available though our booking system.

Can I change or transfer my booking?

Bookings are not transferable. Changes can be made depending on how close the actual booking date is, however the original person making the booking must remain on the booking. Please notify us of any changes as soon as they become apparent. Click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Can I add extra people?

Yes, but this is subject to availability. Adding players is possible but you must contact us to see if we can accomodate them.

What if someone can't make it?

Please contact us in advance to see how we may accomodate you. We do have a no refund policy within 48 hours of your game time.

I didn't get a confirmation email…

Please checkyour junk email. If your confirmation email is not there please contact us.

I didn't get a reply, what do I do?

Sometimes a typo can occur when submitting an email address. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, we can be reached by email, Facebook, a web page submission or phone.


How long does the experience take?

You and your fellow cellmates must be at the front gates of the Maitland Gaol 10-15 minutes prior to your start time. We then allow a hour from game briefing to game completion. Depending on the group size and providing everyone is on time, expect around 1 hour 15 minutes from when you arrive at the gates to when you are released.

How does the escape work?

Your group is divided into pairs (odd numbers will be three to a cell). You are handcuffed together and the door is padlocked. From this point you have 45 minutes to escape. Look for clues that are scattered around the cell to help you achieve your objective.

Am I really locked in?

Yes. To experience the game as intended you are handcuffed and locked in a cell but you can get out at any time. All you have to do is give us the word.

Am I locked in by myself?

No. Bookings are for a minimum of two participants. Up to 3 can be joined as one team in one cell.

Will I be locked up with a someone I don't know?

No. You must have a minimum of two players to book this experience. Bring a friend or partner so you have the perfect cellmate. Note that there may be other groups also competing in other cells at the same time.

Do I have to wear handcuffs?

No, but the handcuffs are part of the experience and are included for the extra challenge presented. We do provide wristbands as protection against the metal handcuffs.

Is it scary?

Yes and no. It can be intimidating being locked up inside a real prison cell but please know we do not employ shock, horror or gore nor demanding physical tasks. You are not forced or coerced to take part in any of the experience. The handcuffs are optional. You can be let out at any time. All the elements and puzzles are general in nature, solvable and certainly within the capability of participants. 

During daylight operations there is ample natural light coming in while at night time the lights are left on. We await and invite feedback from anyone claustrophobic. There is a small outdoor yard attached to each cell that may be included as part of experience (depending on weather conditions).

Is it safe?

We’re all about having a real life adventure within a fun and safe environment. The cells are quite modern in comparison to the rest of the facility. They have been chosen for this experience due to their relative age and condition. The safety audit conducted by the Maitland City Council together with Maitland Gaol Management have given us the green light for this experience. The game props have all been tested safe by a third party and are replaced when worn. We do remind participants that the facility is a genuine old historic prison dating from the 1850’s and we encourage you to be vigilant when moving about and using heavy steel doors.

Will we hear or see the other people?

Depending on the other events and activities taking place at the Maitland Gaol, it is probable you will hear others within and around the cell block building, however it is unlikely you will see them during the game time.

What if I get stuck on a puzzle?

There is a patrol guard walking the corridors and it is understood he or she can potentially be bribed…