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On death row. Wrongly convicted.

They're coming for you.

You and up to two other inmates are escorted into a maximum security cell within the
notorious 5 Wing Cell Block.

Handcuffed and shackled together, you are placed in a cell and the door is padlocked from the outside. Can you escape before the warden returns?

We can incarcerate up to 30 players in each game.

You have 45 minutes.

Rumour has it that a previous lifer managed to break out.
The escape has been hushed up by Corrective Services and the State Government.

You heard there is help on the inside. You start looking for clues. Time is ticking. The warden is coming to take you to your execution in 45 minutes.

If you could only get out of these handcuffs…

one chance to escape.

Imagine…having committed heinous crimes, some of Australia's most dangerous and hardened criminals have been locked up in these very cells. Ivan Milat, Arthur ‘Neddy’ Smith, the Murphy Brothers.

It doesn't get any more real than this.