6 - 18 John St, East Maitland NSW 2323
1300 661 565


Access the vaults. CRACK the safes.

Heist the cash and treasures.

How will your team stack up? The challenge will test your skills of deductive reasoning, thinking outside the square and making some educated guesses! The clock is much money can your team make off with? 

Book your group and find out if you’ve got what it takes to pull off the largest heist. Now playing at the Maitland Gaol!

Minimum group size is 10 players, and we can accomodate up to 36 players at once!

You have 45 minutes.

Making it inside was the easy part - now you have to crack the safes! You'll need to use teamwork and some creative thinking to get access to the valuables hidden inside.

Keep cool, work together and maybe use a bit of luck to reap the rewards! Hurry, time is ticking!

Suitable for all ages.

This escape experience is suitable for everyone aged 12 and up, making it perfect for classroom learning adventures, corporate team building, birthday parties and sports teams (or any excuse at all)!